Our agency structure is agile, with quick decision making as a result of few levels to management, and our speed to market is driven by our specialists in each field.

We have a wealth of big agency and brand experience. We will service your account with small agency attention to detail.

Our agency model means that you only pay for time spent on the job, not agency overheads.

We believe in partnering with a brand for success over the long term. As a partner, you’ll always have access to a company director.

Township Marketing

With our vast network of suppliers, Jigsaw Agency also specialises in township marketing across South Africa.

By understanding this market’s ebb and flow, we are able to spot consumer truths and pick up on all of the behavioural nuggets within this largely misunderstood and constantly evolving mass market. Thanks to the help of our local strategic partners, Jigsaw Agency can amplify your brand message by facilitating an authentic way to reach millions of consumers through targeted brand activations and research insights.

We understand that while consumers are often lumped into broad brackets, a deeper understanding of the community is needed to not only reach a consumer’s doorstep but to win over their hearts as well.


The Jigsaw Universe creates brand experiences that solve business problems and drive results. Our brand experiences move people to change their behaviour.

We bring brands to life by engaging all of your consumers senses. With increased messaging bombarding consumers on multiple channels, consumers have become numb to brand communications.

We go deeper than the superficial content you see today. We use strategic colours in our messaging, amazing visuals to stimulate sight, complimentary sounds to evoke emotion, sensory smells that trigger brand recall, delicate flavours that enhance consumption and selected frequencies and vibrations to allow for less brand communication friction, all of which creates a stronger, more emotional call to action, that ultimately yields results.

Employee Engagement

Organisations that engage their employees effectively, are proven to outperform those that don’t. At Jigsaw Agency, we incorporate a dynamic mixed learning experience that involves a learn, test, do methodology.

The success of any company depends on the happiness and productivity of its people. We understanding people and the golden nuggets that make up their consumer truths – particularly, what motivates them. Behavioural change is at the heart of every engagement solution we design.

By combining the latest findings in Psychometrics and exciting new experiential mechanics, the Jigsaw Agency Universe provides a host of solutions that are highly personalised and purpose-driven, to deliver real results.

What’s more, our systems allow us the opportunity to track data in real-time and map individual and program performance, providing powerful feedback that drives business success.


We create and source live environments for people to better experience your brand. Our Jigsaw Universe creates impact by partnering your brand with popular music festivals, sports events and lifestyle shows. We have found that consumers will always be engaged by the things they are most passionate about.

Our dedicated team works hand-in-hand with all of our event partners, to ensure that your brand is taken care of throughout each step of the sponsorship process, allowing you and your team to focus on what’s really important.


In today’s day and age, consumers are constantly being bombarded with different forms of brand communication on multiple platforms and devices. With the decrease in consumer attention, coupled with strict budget allocations, brands are needing to be more focused in their messaging and more strategic with their spend.

Whether you are a new brand entering into the SA market or a household name looking to connect with your consumers on a deeper level, our team of research specialists are superheroes when it comes to collecting the correct data, analysing that data to uncover hidden opportunities and golden consumer truths, all the while conveying this information to you in an easy and understandable format.

Distribution & Logistics

Jigsaw Agency’s logistics division aims to move your product from point A to point B easily and effortlessly, saving you time and money in the process.

With over 20 Years plus experience in the Courier and Freight sector, our team has the resources and capabilities to get your products or items to any location in the world quickly and easily.

Our core function is to realise and perfect your delivery needs.

Shopper Marketing

At Jigsaw Agency, we help brands optimize retail effectiveness across different media channels, creative solutions and constantly evolving commerce/e-commerce landscapes.

With years of retail experience behind us and the latest internationally recognized technology, our Jigsaw Agency team can help your brands achieve greater results.

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